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Money Managers & Platforms

About Money Managers

Third party money managers offer a variety of portfolio allocation models. Genworth is one that we work with.

Genworth Portfolio Solutions/GPS

Genworth Portfolio Solutions/GPS strategies are designed to help clients capture the broad diversification of our four asset allocation approaches—plus alternative investments—in a single investment solution. With GFWM serving as portfolio strategist, GPS strategies invest in assets that aim to capture the collective insights of our diverse lineup of portfolio strategists.

GPS strategies can be matched to specific client goals and profiles and give investors more choices. GPS takes into account each client's investment objective, risk tolerance and market outlook. Once you and I have determined these “coordinates,” we can easily identify a GPS strategy, made up of appropriate percentages of each asset allocation approach.

By using GPS strategies, we gain exposure to a fully diversified mix of the views of a variety of portfolio strategists on the GFWM platform.